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I am located in Sherwood, Oregon and service the greater Portland Metro area. While I enjoy photographing subjects of all kinds, I have found that my passion lies in capturing life's most treasured moments - the miracle of a newborn, the confidence of a high school senior, a young couple in love, and a bride's tears of joy on her wedding day.

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Sunday, January 3

Dance like no one is watching...

We were driving in the car when I said something to my husband about it. About her and how innocent she is. She was buckled in her carseat, bright eyed and smiling; singing one of her made-up-on-the-spot-songs that have become one of my favorite things. She was unaware of anything else, lost in her song. It was in that moment, that I could see her innocence.

It's not uncommon to hear comments about childhood innocence. Children and innocence go hand in hand, afterall. But there's something about Addison that is ultra-innocent. Her innocence is so pure and so obvious, you can feel it. She doesn't have a care in the world. She's not bothered by the peanut butter and jelly on her face or concerned that the tutu she's adorned doesn't go with her outfit. She sings Christmas songs in Target to whoever will listen and isn't the least bit concerned that it's January and the Christmas decorations are nowhere to be seen. She loves completely, sings loudly and dances like no one is watching...

My little dancer

My little dancer