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Thursday, April 8

4 day old Ace : Newborn Photography

"Hi Angela, it's Alicia. I'm not sure if you remember me, but you photographed our son Cash about a year ago."


I absolutely remembered Alicia and her family. They brought Cash to me when he was just a few weeks old for his first photo session, and now they were calling to book a session for their newest arrival, Ace.

Congratulations! How old is he?

He's two days old today.

Yeah, she called me from the hospital. I love my clients.

Two days later, I had the honor of meeting Ace, at the sweet age of 4 days old. I'd like to say he slept the entire session, but I'd be telling a lie - a big fat lie. After about 3 hours and only 3 different poses, we decided it might be best to schedule a follow up session. Three days later, they returned. And this time, Ace was a rockstar....











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oh, these are wonderful!
and go huskers!! :)

meg manion silliker said...

so sweet. love them!

Nikos Zacharoulis said...

Great and unique photos... lovely professional work... congrats !!!

elle moss said...

beautifully done! so sweet :-)

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