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Monday, June 21

In her memory : Giving back

It's hard to believe that it's been over six years since she left us. Six years since I received the telephone call, telling me that the cancer had spread to her brain and they expected her to live less than two weeks.


My sophomore year in college, my grandmother Nadine was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was my first encounter with any sort of cancer, and to say I was terrified would be an understatement. My grandma had a mastectomy and was cancer free for about five years, when she started having pain in her pelvic area. That's when it was discovered that her breast cancer had spread to her bones and liver.

Shortly after her newest diagnosis, my husband's job moved us to Sacramento. I often felt guilty for not being there to help my mom take care of her, but a part of me believes it was a blessing that I was able to have some distance from her deteriorating condition.

After we got the call informing us that she had little time left, my husband and I drove home to be with the family and say our goodbyes. I remember sitting with her in her room, not knowing the right words to say, but being perfectly content just being in her presence. I helped her eat her breakfast of waffles and black coffee, trying to get just the right amount of syrup on each bite. When it was time to go, I hugged & kissed her, and told her how much I loved her, knowing it would be the last time.

For several years now, I've participated in the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure. I have raced in Sacramento in celebration of my grandmother's life and in Portland in her memory. This year, I’ve decided I need to do more to make a difference. I have created a team, appropriately named "Team Nadine" and will be raising money in her honor.

From August 15th - September 15th, I will be donating $25 of every session fee towards the Susan B. Komen Foundation. Additionally, if you'd like to join our team or make a donation separately, you can do so by visiting our team page: here.



FlutterbyWings said...

Angela, she was such a beautiful person inside and out--I wish I had more time in my life to get to know her and grandpa. Beautiful blog!

Anonymous said...

angie that was so nice to read. im glad you got to have special time with your grandma. she was an amazingly strong woman.i miss her everyday.

Heidi Taylor said...

Angie, After reading this I sit here crying and missing her. Yet remembering what a wonderful person she was, as well as how deeply she was loved by those who were lucky enough to know her. I am thankful for getting to spend that last year with her and getting to know her and Uncle all over again. Love to you always cousin!