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I am located in Sherwood, Oregon and service the greater Portland Metro area. While I enjoy photographing subjects of all kinds, I have found that my passion lies in capturing life's most treasured moments - the miracle of a newborn, the confidence of a high school senior, a young couple in love, and a bride's tears of joy on her wedding day.

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Wednesday, August 18

Lily : Newborn

It's no secret that I love photographing newborns.

I've been blessed to experience working with so many different subjects, which has allowed me the opportunity to discover what I truly love. While newborns are one of my favorite subjects, they are also my most challenging. The baby needs to be fed, warm and sleepy, which all seems simple enough. The challenge comes not in getting the baby asleep, but rather in keeping the baby asleep while moving from set to set; from pose to pose.

The challenge becomes even greater as the age of the newborn increases. I prefer to photograph newborns between the ages of 5-10 days old, when they are still sleepy and have that newborn curl. Of course, I don't always get to choose the age at which I photograph my subjects. Take sweet little Lily for example. Mom called me to schedule a session when Lily was already 5 weeks old. They live in Seattle and were going to be in town for two days the following week, and wanted to set something up.

I'll be honest, I felt a little panicked. A six week old? They're driving so far. What if the session is a complete disaster? I explained to mom that most of the newborns on my site are much younger, but that I would do my best to capture the images that she wanted, and prepped her on things she could do to help make the session successful.

By the time Lily's session rolled around, I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to be able to get her to sleep and had a mental list of "awake" poses to do with her.

Mom did everything I suggested. And Lily proved me wrong.